Who is Celina Smith? Uncovering the Life and Rise of Steve Will Do It’s Girlfriend

Celina Smith is a multi-talented social media influencer, actress, and singer best known for her high-profile relationship with popular YouTuber Steve Will Do It. As Steve’s girlfriend, she has gained significant attention and built her own dedicated following across social platforms.

But there is more to Celina than just being an influencer in a celebrity relationship. She has been building an impressive career in entertainment from a young age. Her talents and drive put her on a trajectory to stardom long before dating the renowned YouTube figure.

In this expansive profile, we will uncover Celina’s full backstory – from her early life and family background to her budding career as a performer and eventual viral fame as a social media sensation with a vast following. Along the way we assess her milestones, earning potential, passions and future goals as one of the most prominent young women in digital media.

Early Life and Background That Shaped a Star

Celina was born January 23, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. From an early age she displayed a natural ability and inclination towards singing and dancing.

Her mother recognized her talents and passion for performing and got her involved in community theatre performances as a child. This set the course for her future career as an actress and singer.

By age 8 Celina was performing lead roles in musical theatre productions like Annie. Her vocal chops, exuberant charm and stage presence wowed audiences.

It was apparent even as a youngster that she had that rare “it factor” making her destined for bigger spotlight.

Key Details on Family and Upbringing

Details about Celina Smith’s family background and upbringing:

  • Mother’s name: Shelley Smith
  • Father out of picture from early age
  • Primarily raised by her mother in LA area
  • Received homeschooling education
  • Focused efforts on enhancing performing talents
  • Mother became manager as career took off
  • Remained very close with mother as her fame rose

Celina’s mother worked tirelessly in supporting her daughter’s passions. She got her audition opportunities and became her manager. Having a strong familial foundation helped provide stability for Celina as she navigated an accelerated career trajectory.

The Making of a Star: Celina’s Rise to Fame

Celina Smith’s incredible talents as a singer and stage actress became undeniable from her breakout role on Broadway.

Landing a Lead Part on Broadway at Just Age 11

In 2013, Celina achieved a career-defining moment when she landed the starring role of Annie in a Broadway revival. She was just 11 years old at the time.

The prominence of this lead part in such a renowned production propelled her name recognition. It also demonstrated her uncanny ability to captivate audiences far beyond her years.

She drew praise from theatre critics and fans for her stellar opening night performance. Celina proved she could shine bright in the pressure cooker environment of such an iconic show.

Parlaying Success to Other Notable Roles

On the heels of her star-making Broadway run, Celina Smith continued piling up impressive acting credits:

  • Feature film debut in The New Edition Story (2016) portraying a young version of R&B legend Bobby Brown
  • Guest arc role on CBS drama Bull (2017)
  • Starring part as young Donna Summer in musical Summer: The Donna Summer Musical (2018)
  • Recurring role on Showtime series City on a Hill (2019)

She leveraged her Annie fame to land ever-larger co-starring parts on screens big and small. Celina exhibited range in playing diverse characters while balancing her ongoing musical theatre work.

The Influencer: Dating Steve Will Do It Accelerates Fame

The Influencer: Dating Steve Will Do It Accelerates Fame

Celina Smith’s renown exploded to new levels online when her relationship with massively popular YouTuber Steve Will Do It emerged…

A Serendipitous Meeting Sparks Relationship

In 2021, Celina accompanied her mother Shelley to a business lunch in Miami. By happenstance internet sensation Steve Will Do It was dining at the same restaurant.

A conversation was struck up upon recognizing each other from social media profiles. 

There was an instant spark between the Gen Z stars and they exchanged contact info.

In the ensuing months romantic dates followed and they solidified an official boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic by mid-2021.

Appearing in Videos Fuels Mutual Rise

Once Steve and Celina began dating he started featuring his talented multi-hyphenate girlfriend in his popular YouTube vlogs. She became a staple presence in his outrageous stunts and challenge videos.

This exposure introduced Celina to Steve’s millions of followers and loyal fans. Practically overnight she accumulated over 800k Instagram followers herself.

Her fame and influence swelled right alongside her YouTube personality boyfriend’s meteoric rise. Their symbiotic star power and cute romance captivated viewers.

Celina received opportunities for brand sponsorships, model gigs, and other money-making side ventures. As Steve’s better half she enjoys access to enviable wealth, exotic trips, cars, gear and his circle of online creator friends like Nelk Boys.

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Quantifying Social Stardom: Celina By the Numbers

Let’s examine key statistics quantifying Celina Smith’s social media stardom and online influence since coupling up with Steve Will Do It:

  • 1 million Instagram followers
  • 120k YouTube subscribers on her self-titled channel
  • 39 million views on her most popular TikTok video
  • Ranked in top 5% of influencers on TikTok
  • $27k – $450k estimated monthly Instagram earnings according to influencer marketing calculators

At just age 17 now, Celina carries clout rivaling veteran internet celebs. Brands covet her demographically-attractive Gen Z fanbase.

Together both she and boyfriend Steve Will Do It qualify easily as elite social media influencers and premier content creators on social platforms.

Celina By the Numbers: Personal Stats & Wealth Breakdown

  • Date of Birth: January 23rd, 2007 (Age 17 years)
  • Birthplace: Los Angeles, California
  • Height: 5 foot 3 inches
  • Net Worth Estimate: ~$2 million
  • Salary: ~$500k/year between acting, singing, endorsements, appearances, etc.
  • Key Assets: Designer bags/jewelry, mansion stays
  • Endorsements: Social media posts, brand sponsorships

Despite youth, Celina boasts an enviable net worth from her entertainment ventures and influencer status. Dating Steve affords her access to luxe vehicles, extravagant vacations, and bottle service outings.

Financial experts predict seven-figures earning annually if she continues her dual-threat actress/influencer ascent.

The Spotlight Beyond Steve: Celina’s Continuing Career

While her relationship with YouTuber Steve Will Do It remains central in her life for now, Celina still nurtures her own creative passions through a thriving artistic career…

Returning to Musical Theatre Roots

Celina revitalized her musical theatre career in 2021 landing the titular lead role of Matilda in an off-Broadway production.

Her first love remains singing/dancing for live crowds. Future Broadway runs feel inevitable given her vocal chops and nostalgic connection.

Leveraging Multimedia Platforms

In addition to the stage, Celina maximizes her talents across mediums:

  • Developing original music – She’s teased songs she’s written/composed on social media
  • Booked acting roles – In 2022 she filmed a movie called The Curse of Sleeping Beauty
  • YouTube vlogging – Posts lifestyle vlogs to her own popular channel
  • TikTok content creation – Trendy dance videos receive millions of views

Like any Gen Z performer, Celina creatively utilizes all aspects of multimedia to bolster her artistic brand as both an actress and influencer personality.

The Personal Side: Family, Interests, Causes

Behind the acting and influencer notoriety, Celina Smith remains a down-to-earth creative soul.

She enjoys a closeness with mom Shelley akin to a sisterly bond these days. Homeschooling allowed more family time early on.

Interests and hobbies: Songwriting, swimming, hiking, painting, video games

Causes: Celina donates to charities supporting children’s hospital patients. She also advocates for arts education funding.

The Future Looks Bright for Celina

At just 17 with a decade-plus already in entertainment Celina Smith remains on the rise. She’s carved her own niche as:

  • A talented actress fulfilling musical theatre destiny
  • An influential social media persona thanks to fame with Steve Will Do It
  • An aspiring pop artist ready to burst onto music charts

Celina balances a work ethic beyond her years with a bubbly, infectious personality.

Her future shines especially bright in tandem with boyfriend Steve as YouTube’s dominant Gen Z power couple. But she has abundant solo prospects between Broadway, films, and possible album.

In many ways Celina’s journey feels like it’s only just beginning. One thing is certain – her relentless talents, drive and magnetism will continue captivating audiences for decades to come.


What is Celina Smith known for?

Celina Smith is known for being an actress, singer, and the girlfriend of popular YouTuber Steve Will Do It. She rose to fame from her relationship.

Who is Celina Smith ex?

It’s not publicly known if Celina has any exes or previous relationships before dating Steve Will Do It.

How long have SteveWillDoIt and Celina been together?

Steve Will Do It and Celina have been dating since mid-2021, so just over 2 years as of 2023.

Why is SteveWillDoIt so rich?

Steve Will Do It earned his multimillion dollar net worth from huge viewership and sponsorships on his outrageous YouTube prank channel.

Who is the richest YouTuber?

Jimmy Donaldson (MrBeast) currently holds the title of richest YouTuber with an estimated $100 million net worth.

Who is the richest NELK boy?

Kyle Forgeard is considered the richest of the Nelk Boys at an estimated $25 million net worth currently.


Celina Smith represents a new breed of multi-talented teen idol – one who balances acclaimed acting abilities with influencer fame stemming from a YouTube star boyfriend. She built up an impressive reputation as a musical theater prodigy before the age of 15. Then dating Steve Will Do It shot her into a different stratosphere of digital celebrity and wealth. 

Still Celina stays remarkably grounded thanks to a close-knit family foundation. At just 17 her dreams feel uncompromisingly limitless between singing, dancing, content creating and maybe one day marrying Steve. Expect this ambitious creative soul to continue taking the entertainment world by storm across all platforms in the years ahead.

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