What Size Screws For Tesla License Plate?

Screws for a Tesla license plate are the fasteners used to securely attach a license plate to a Tesla vehicle. These screws play a crucial role in ensuring that the license plate remains firmly in place, complying with legal requirements, and preventing any unwanted movement during driving.

Finding the right size screws is essential to guarantee a proper fit and secure attachment. What Size Screws for Tesla License Plate? The size of these screws can vary depending on the Tesla model, so it’s crucial to determine the specific size requirements to avoid any installation issues.

When it comes to screws for a Tesla license plate, it’s important to note that they come in various sizes and materials. Many Tesla vehicles require specific screw sizes for the license plate, which can differ from traditional vehicles.  

Choosing the Correct Screw Size for Your Tesla License Plate

Selecting the right screw size for mounting your Tesla license plate is a crucial step in ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation. Tesla vehicles often come with pre-drilled holes for license plates, making the process straightforward.

Getting the screw size right is essential. Using screws that are too short may not secure the plate firmly, risking it coming loose, while screws that are too long can potentially damage the car’s bumper. License plate covers are a common accessory for vehicles, often used to protect plates from dirt and debris.

Understanding Tesla License Plate Screw Specifications

When it comes to affixing a license plate to your Tesla vehicle, understanding the screw specifications is essential. Tesla provides specific guidelines to ensure proper installation. These specifications typically include the recommended screw size, length, and torque specifications.

Complying with these guidelines is crucial to prevent damage to your Tesla’s bodywork and to ensure the license plate remains securely attached, even at high speeds or in adverse weather conditions.

Tesla License Plate Screw Sizes and Thread Types

When it comes to affixing a license plate to your Tesla vehicle, knowing the correct screw sizes and thread types is essential. Tesla vehicles often require specific screws to ensure a secure and proper fit. These screws are typically designed to match the threads in the pre-drilled holes on the Tesla’s front and rear bumpers. 

Using the wrong size or type of screws can lead to issues with stability and potential damage to your Tesla’s exterior. Therefore, it’s crucial to research and identify the precise screw sizes and thread types recommended by Tesla or provided in your vehicle’s user manual to ensure a secure and hassle-free license plate installation.

Common Screw Lengths for Attaching a License Plate to Your Tesla

Common Screw Lengths for Attaching a License Plate to Your Tesla

When it comes to attaching a license plate to your Tesla, having the right screw lengths is essential. Tesla’s sleek and minimalist design makes it vital to choose the appropriate screws to ensure a secure and clean installation. You’ll find two common screw lengths used for this purpose.

The first is a 1-inch screw, which is often suitable for the front license plate bracket on many Tesla models. These shorter screws provide stability without protruding too far. The second common option is a 1.5-inch screw, which is often used for the rear license plate installation. 

Where to Find the Right Screws for Your Tesla License Plate

Finding the right screws for your Tesla license plate is essential for a secure and legal installation. Tesla vehicles come with pre-drilled holes to mount your license plate, but you need to ensure the screws you choose are not only the right size but also compliant with local regulations.

You can find the appropriate screws at your local hardware store. Look for corrosion-resistant and weatherproof screws, as these will help maintain the aesthetics of your Tesla and ensure your license plate remains securely fastened, even in adverse weather conditions.

Installing a License Plate on Your Tesla

Installing a license plate on your Tesla is a straightforward but essential task for ensuring compliance with local regulations and maintaining a clean, legal appearance. Tesla vehicles come equipped with pre-drilled holes in the front and rear bumpers to accommodate license plate mounting. 

This process requires screws and mounting hardware, and Tesla often provides a license plate bracket as part of your purchase. Some owners prefer custom or aftermarket solutions to minimize any impact on the vehicle’s aesthetics.

Tips for Securing Your Tesla License Plate with the Right Screws

Securing your Tesla license plate with the right screws is crucial for both aesthetics and safety. Tesla owners often opt for customized and sleek license plate frames to enhance the appearance of their vehicles.

The right screws should be not only the correct size but also resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring they maintain their integrity and appearance over time. Properly securing your Tesla’s license plate also minimizes the risk of it falling off while driving, avoiding potential damage to your car or posing a hazard to other vehicles on the road.


How big are number plate screws?

Number plate screws are typically M6 size (6mm) in diameter and can vary in length depending on the specific mounting requirements.

What size screwdriver do I need to remove a license plate?

To remove a license plate, you usually need a Phillips head screwdriver or a flathead screwdriver, depending on the screw type used for the plate’s attachment.

Does the Tesla Model Y come with a front license plate holder?

The Tesla Model Y may come with a front license plate holder, but its availability can vary by location and model specifications.


Determining the right size screws for a Tesla license plate is essential for secure and hassle-free installation. Ensuring that you have the correct screw size and type not only guarantees a snug and safe fit for your license plate but also contributes to the overall aesthetics and durability of your vehicle’s appearance. 

By paying attention to these details, Tesla owners can enjoy both a stylish look and peace of mind, knowing that their license plates are securely fastened, regardless of the road conditions they encounter.

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