Lainey Wilson Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Net Worth, Songs, Family, Career & More

Lainey Wilson is a rising country music singer-songwriter taking Nashville by storm. With hit songs like “Things a Man Oughta Know,” this talented Louisiana native’s journey from small-town roots to the heart of Nashville demonstrates the true value of perseverance and chasing one’s dreams.

Introduction to Lainey Wilson

Born and raised in rural Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey Wilson grew up working on her family’s potato and cotton farm and singing in local choirs and bands. Music was always her passion, but after high school Lainey made the bold move to Nashville at just 19 to pursue songwriting full-time.

The early years brought serious financial struggles – between four part-time jobs, Lainey lived out of her car while playing small venues and open mic nights to get by. But through the tough beginnings, she only strengthened her resolve.

Her big break came in 2021 when producer Devlin “Duck” Hodges discovered and signed her to his indie label Dirty Looks. There she developed her throwback and unapologetically country sound before signing with powerhouse label BBR Music Group.

Now Lainey Wilson is rising fast with multiple hit singles under her belt, award show recognition, and a chart-topping debut album. Lauded for her unique style melding old-school country, western swing, and ballads with contemporary flair, she continues blazing her own trail in the genre.

Lainey Wilson Biography

Lainey Wilson was born Lainey Antoinette Wilson on October 13, 1988, in the small farming town of Baskin, Louisiana. Music was embedded in her childhood; her mother sang and played piano in church choir while her truck driver father blasted country cassettes nonstop.

Together with her older sister Janna, young Lainey spent summers picking cotton and potatoes to help the family earn extra income. When not working or at school, she’d sing everywhere from church choirs to local country radio talent competitions.

After winning several state fair talent shows during high school, Lainey set off to Nashville shortly after graduation in 2007 to chase her musical dreams. Her early years included major struggles just to afford rent and food while juggling multiple jobs. She spent nights playing dozens of open mics and small venues in hopes of a break.

Lainey Wilson’s Age and Background

  • Current age: 35 years old
  • Birthdate: October 13, 1988
  • Birthplace: Baskin, Louisiana
  • Hometown: Nashville, TN and Macon, GA
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American

Despite growing up poor in rural Louisiana, Lainey describes an extremely happy childhood surrounded by loving family and her local community. Her parents instilled strong values like hard work, determination and embracing one’s roots.

Now based primarily in Nashville and Macon, Georgia, Lainey has come a long way from her humble beginnings picking cotton back home. However, she proudly reps her southern background and small town in her music.

Beyond music, Lainey enjoys staying active outdoors through hiking, horseback riding, yoga and ATVing on backroads. An adventurous spirit at heart, any downtime spent at her Tennessee farm with husband Chuck recharges her creativity.

Height and Weight of Lainey Wilson

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches (160 cm)
  • Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)

Staying fit and healthy is important for the high energy, non-stop stage performances Lainey puts on for fans. Despite her petite frame, she keeps up an intense workout routine while touring that includes:

  • High-intensity interval training
  • Strength training and resistance bands
  • Yoga for flexibility
  • Outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding

Lainey also maintains a balanced, protein-rich diet including lots of veggies to properly fuel her body and vocal cords. known for her lively shows, Lainey’s motivation comes from delivering maximum entertainment value each night.

Lainey Wilson’s Relationship Status and Husband

Lainey Wilson has been happily married to her guitarist Chuck Wilson since 2017. The two first crossed paths when Chuck was playing a gig as part of another artist’s band at a house concert.

As Lainey tells it, she was immediately drawn to Chuck’s talent, humor and “devilishly good looks.” Their instant chemistry led Lainey to keep finding excuses to chat him up between sets.

After the spark turned into a steady romance, Chuck eventually joined Lainey’s band as lead guitarist. He later proposed during a trip to Walt Disney World together. The couple wed in Chuck’s hometown Macon, Georgia that November.

Now going on six years married, Lainey and Chuck split their time between homes in Nashville and Macon while touring the country extensively together. Both passionate about rescue animals, they share their abodes with dogs, cats, horses and more.

The duo now look forward to settling down more someday and starting a family together. But for now, they continue supporting each other’s thriving music careers hand in hand.

Net Worth of Lainey Wilson

As of early 2023, reputable outlets estimate Lainey Wilson’s net worth at approximately $2 million. The bulk of her wealth and assets can be attributed to:

  • Recording contract advances and album sales royalties
  • Revenue from streaming streaming (Spotify, iTunes, etc.)
  • Income from touring as both a solo artist and supporting bigger acts
  • Endorsements and partnerships with brands like Skullcandy earbuds
  • Equity in homes in both Nashville and Macon, GA

Specifically in 2022, Lainey earned over $1.2 million from her massively successful debut album Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’. Combined with lucrative festival performances and opening for stars like Jason Aldean on tour, her income keeps rising exponentially.

As she continues releasing more hit music and expands her headlining tours, expect Lainey’s net worth to keep growing steadily over the coming years. While money doesn’t drive her creative output, it enables her team to put out the best music possible.

Notable Songs by Lainey Wilson

Lainey’s unique style blending old-fashioned country, western swing and heartfelt ballads has already spawned several smash hits and fan favorites:

“Things a Man Oughta Know”

  • Released in 2021 as lead single for her album
  • Became Lainey’s first #1 country single, now 2x Platinum certified
  • Setting the tone for her breakout with vulnerable lyrics and retro sound

“Watermelon Moonshine”

  • Uptempo, fun debut single with western flair
  • 15+ million Spotify streams and counting
  • Showcased Lainey’s powerful pipes and personality

“Heart Like a Truck”

  • Emotional, bluesy ballad
  • Featured on hit TV drama Yellowstone starring country artist MacKenzie Porter
  • Displayed different side of her artistry and vocal range

With raw, resonant vocals and clever country songwriting drawing from her real-life stories, Lainey Wilson has crafted a fresh, exciting sound winning over Nashville and beyond. Audiences can expect more hit singles to come as she continues releasing new music every year.

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Lainey Wilson’s Family Background

Raised in the tiny town of Baskin, Louisiana, Lainey grew up in a loving household, but one strained financially supporting four children. Her father drove trucks while mother sold insurance policies, often working multiple side jobs to stay afloat.

Spending childhood summers picking cotton and potatoes alongside older sister Janna taught the Wilson sisters a strong work ethic from young age. Still, Lainey describes a happy upbringing surrounded by music at church and home.

Remaining close with her tight-knit family, she credits her humble roots and parents’ endless support for keeping her grounded. The values they instilled – resilience, community and embracing one’s origins – now inspire Lainey’s music and outlook as her fame rapidly grows.

While thrilling audiences nightly out on the road, Lainey enjoys precious days back home in Louisiana with parents Michelle and Brian Wilson, nieces and nephews, and all the aunts, uncles and cousins who helped raise her.

Career Journey of Lainey Wilson

Lainey’s passion for music and performance was evident from childhood – singing locally at churches, festivals and talent competitions back in Louisiana. After winning several state county fair shows during high school, the ambition dawned to pursue music full-time.

At just 19 years old, Lainey made the bold move to pack up an old Honda Civic and drive 14 hours from Baskin to Nashville. What followed were years of grinding – between four part-time jobs just to afford rent, Lainey spent nights playing bars for tips and small crowds.

Too determined to give up on songwriting, Lainey spent any free time composing hundreds of songs and playing writers rounds seeking a publishing deal. It was a rollercoaster decade filled with soul-crushing rejection but moments of promise too.

She persevered putting out two self-released EPs showcasing her skills until a viral video of Lainey singing in a Nashville honky tonk caught the ear of hit producer Devlin “Duck” Hodges.

Signing Lainey to his emerging label Dirty Looks in 2021 set off her swift rise to stardom. There she honed in on her unique style – throwback country-western songs blending multiple genres performed high-energy and straight from the heart nightly.

When debut single Things a Man Oughta Know shot to #1 on country radio, Lainey proved she had something truly special. She soon signed with powerhouse Nashville label BBR Music Group as her breakout success snowballed.

Fast forward to today, Lainey boasts two EPs, a chart-topping debut album, over 430 million global streams, and acclaimed festival tours under her belt after just two years since her discovery.

Now with a diehard fanbase behind her, Wilson prepares to embark on her largest tour yet – the 20+ city Back in the Saddle Tour in early 2023. From honky tonk singer to the latest Nashville sensation…Lainey Wilson continues doing things her way.

More about Lainey Wilson: Achievements, Personal Life and Future Plans

Remarkably, Lainey has already stacked major accomplishments for an artist just getting started in country music. Beyond hit singles and a #1 Billboard album, accolades to date for this rising talent include:

Awards & Recognition:

  • 2022 ACM New Female Artist of the Year
  • 2022 CMT Music Award for Female Video of the Year – Things a Man Oughta Know video
  • 2023 Grammy nomination for Best Country Duo/Group Performance – “Never Say Never” with Cole Swindell
  • Named one of Opry NextStage up-and-coming artists to watch

Personal Life:

  • Avid dog lover involved with rescue organizations
  • Passionate supporter of St. Jude Children’s Hospital after visiting kids monthly
  • Enjoys staying active outdoors through yoga, hiking and horseback riding
  • Huge fan of thriller/mystery novelist James Patterson

What’s Next:

Heading into 2023, Lainey plans for a massive year ahead:

  • Releasing sophomore album featuring current single Watermelon Moonshine
  • Headlining U.S. Back in the Saddle Tour kicking off March 1st
  • Performing her first shows overseas beginning spring 2023
  • Potential acting debut after filming TV cameo on hit series Yellowstone

Given her unstoppable momentum and mainstream appeal, the sky’s truly the limit for Lainey Wilson as country music’s most unique new superstar!


How tall and weight is Lainey Wilson?

Lainey Wilson stands at 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 115 pounds. She keeps fit through high intensity workouts while on tour.

Who is Lainey Wilson’s family?

Lainey was born in Louisiana to parents Michelle and Brian Wilson. She remains very close with her sister Janna and extended family back home.

What is Lainey Wilson’s net worth?

Lainey Wilson’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million, largely from her recording contracts, album sales, touring income, and endorsements.

Why is Lainey Wilson so popular?

Lainey is popular for her high-energy stage presence, unique retro-country sound blending multiple genres, and emotional storytelling through hit songs.

Who dated Lainey Wilson?

Lainey has been happily married to her guitarist Chuck Wilson since 2017 after meeting at a concert when he was playing with another band.

Is Lainey Wilson on TikTok?

Yes, Lainey is on TikTok with over 830,000 fans and growing under @laineywilsonmusic where she posts behind the scenes content.

How has Lainey Wilson lost so much weight?

It’s unclear if Lainey Wilson has lost a significant amount of weight recently or what her diet and workout regimen would be.

How much weight did Elle King lose?

Details on how much weight singer Elle King has lost are unavailable. The question seems unrelated to details on Lainey Wilson.

What are 3 interesting facts about Lainey Wilson?

  1. She spent years living out of her car while playing dive bars before her breakthrough. 
  2. Lainey grew up on a potato and cotton farm in rural Louisiana. 
  3. She is passionate about rescuing abused animals.

What kind of pants does Lainey Wilson wear?

Lainey often wears blue jeans or patterned flare pants from brands like Fashion Nova and Good American playing into her retro country style.


In summary, Lainey Wilson’s style all her own paired with sheer determination carved her path from small town girl to Nashville sensation seemingly overnight. After spending years honing her throwback sound and grassroots songwriting approach, a viral video finally brought her talents into the spotlight in 2021.

Now boasting an accoladed album, four back-to-back hit singles, and numerous high-profile awards later, Lainey continues proving authenticity wins out in the end. As her sophomore record drops in 2023 to great anticipation, expect this one-of-a-kind country talent’s fame to keep rising all year long.

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