Is Emily Compagno Divorced, Boyfriend, Husband, Partner

Emily Compagno has become a rising star on Fox News over the last few years. As a legal analyst and host on various Fox shows, viewers are curious about her background and personal life. One common question is – what is Emily Compagno’s current relationship status? Is the former NFL cheerleader and attorney still married, divorced, or dating someone new?

Who Is Emily Compagno?

For those unfamiliar, Emily Compagno is a 41-year-old television personality on Fox News. She is best known for offering commentary on law, politics, and government affairs.

Some key facts about Emily:

  • Former practicing attorney in civil litigation
  • Cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders
  • Host of “The Five” and frequent guest on shows like “Outnumbered”
  • Originally from the Tacoma/Seattle area of Washington state
  • Graduate of University of Washington and Quinnipiac University School of Law

Described as quick-witted and straight shooting, Emily brings insight into the legal side of current events. She first gained notice in circles as an NFL cheerleader while attending law school.

In addition to dancing and cheering for the Raiders, Emily also modeled professionally. She was featured in catalogues for retailers like Nordstrom and walked the runway for New York’s Fashion Week.

After passing the bar exam, Compagno worked as a civil litigation attorney focusing on cases involving medical malpractice, harassment, and whistleblower retaliation.

But feeling unfulfilled in her legal career, she decided to shift gears and pursue her long-time passion for sports and entertainment.

That background led Compagno to become a regular TV analyst – first with local Seattle media. Her charisma in front of the camera quickly gained attention.

Fox News soon took notice and hired Compagno as a full-time on-air analyst and commentator in 2018. She proved a rising talent covering major news stories surrounding politics, law, and government investigations.

Within a couple years at the network, Compagno earned her own regular spot as co-host of the popular Fox show “The Five”.

Here she leads lively debates around current issues and breaking news alongside other Fox personalities. The show allows Compagno’s quick wit and legal expertise to shine through.

In addition, she serves as a fill-in presenter and guest on other high-profile Fox shows like:

  • Fox & Friends First
  • Outnumbered
  • Justice with Judge Jeanine

Between her stimulating commentary and striking looks, Emily continues developing a growing fan base at Fox News.

And despite her rising fame, Compagno maintains down-to-earth charm and approachability.

How Old Is Emily Compagno?

Emily Compagno was born on July 24th, 1981. She is currently 41 years old as of 2022. Her zodiac sign is Leo.

As a Leo, she is known for traits like:

  • Confidence
  • Extroversion
  • Generosity
  • Loyalty
  • Passion

These qualities have likely contributed to her success first as an attorney and now as a TV personality.

Emily has also credited positive female role models in her life that shaped her ambitious nature. Compagno grew up watching shows hosted by strong, successful journalists like:

  • Diane Sawyer
  • Connie Chung
  • Greta Van Susteren

Seeing these women thrive on television demonstrated possibilities for Compagno’s own future career aspirations.

Additionally, Emily remains very close with her mother and two sisters. They have always provided a strong foundation of support while she pursued diverse interests like:

  • Competitive Cheerleading
  • Civil Law
  • Broadcast Journalism

Compagno continues drawing inspiration from bold women pioneers across different fields.

How Tall Is Emily Compagno?

In regards to Emily Compagno’s height – she is considered petite at just 5 feet 3 inches tall. However, she has shared that she always wears high heels on television.

So in her signature heels, Emily likely stands around 5′ 7″ – 5′ 8″ on air.

In fact, Compagno is almost always seen in dresses and heels both on and off-camera. She enjoys fashion and puts effort into her stylish, feminine appearance.

Of course as an athlete and former cheerleader, Emily places high priority on staying fit as well. Proper diet and consistent workouts help her maintain the slim, toned physique highlighted by her fashionable wardrobe choices.

Emily Compagno Weight Loss Journey

While Emily looks great now, she has been open about her past struggles with weight. At one point she reached 170 pounds.

Through diet changes and adopting a regular exercise routine, Emily lost a staggering 70 pounds. She continues to eat healthy and workout consistently to maintain her slim figure.

Diet and exercise regimen that aided her weight loss:

  • High protein, low carb diet
  • Spinning and running routine
  • Weight training for strength

Her motivation stemmed from wanting increased energy, confidence and a healthy lifestyle. Emily Compagno’s weight loss remains an inspiration to many women with similar goals.

In interviews, she has emphasized the importance of both food choices and regular training. Compagno notes that there is no quick fix – weight loss requires real commitment and diligence.

But the effort pays dividends through positive body image and having confidence to pursue ambitious career dreams. This mindset helped drive Compagno from cheerleader to lawyer to cable news anchor.

Additionally, staying active helps alleviate work stress and the pressure of high profile television roles. Exercise is key for both physical and mental health.

So while genetics plays a part, Compagno stresses that much of her slim body type comes from hard work – not just good luck. Diet discipline and gym dedication make all the difference.

Emily Compagno Relationship Status

Emily Compagno married her ex-husband Peter Riley in 2014, having met at the University of Washington where they both graduated law school. The marriage lasted around four years before Emily filed for divorce in 2018.

The split seems to have been amicable, though the exact reasons remain unclear publicly. Since then, Compagno has focused on her blossoming career at Fox News, relocating to New York City as she establishes herself on national television.

Now single, Emily admitted her hectic work schedule covering politics and law as an anchor and legal analyst leaves little time for dating currently. But at just 41 years old, many fans remain curious if Compagno will find love again someday despite her divorce from first husband Peter Riley just a few years ago.

Is Peter Riley Emily Compagno’s husband?

Emily reportedly married Peter Riley in 2014 after meeting him at the University of Washington. Peter worked as an attorney in the Seattle area.

Little is known about their relationship and short marriage. But at some point, Emily and Peter separated.

In 2018, Emily officially filed for divorce.

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Who is Pete Riley?

Peter Riley maintained a low profile as Emily Compagno’s partner. There is limited public information on his background, family, or current occupation.

What we do know:

  • Also graduated law school from University of Washington
  • Previously worked for law firm in Seattle area
  • Divorce finalized amicably from Compagno in recent years
  • No children resulted from Compagno’s marriage to Riley

The reasons for their split remain unclear although it seems to have been mutual. Compagno stated the divorce was “amicable” but has not provided further details into why the relationship dissolved.

Neither Emily nor Peter have since remarried. Compagno actually relocated from Seattle to New York City after accepting her position at Fox News.

Being based on the East Coast, there is physical distance from her ex-husband Riley as well.

Is Emily on the 5 married?

To clarify and address rumors – no, Emily Compagno is not currently married.

Her brief relationship with ex-husband Peter Riley dissolved. Compagno is divorced and has been single for the past few years focused on her career.

So while she serves as a host on Fox News’ “The Five” – she is no longer one-half of a married couple.

In fact, Compagno has said her busy schedule makes committed relationships difficult at the moment. Her television assignments require substantial travel away from home.

Additionally, the unique scrutiny that comes with being a cable news personality on a major network like Fox must be understood by any potential partner.

What happened to Emily Compagno?

In recapping Emily’s relationship and life events over recent years:

  • Built a career as civil litigator after law school
  • Married Peter Riley around 2014
  • Suffered from low energy and unhealthy lifestyle, leading to 70 pound weight gain (peaked around 170 pounds)
  • Committed to diet and exercise transformation, dropping 70 pounds
  • Continued thriving legal career, left private practice
  • Was hired by Fox News as on-air analyst in 2018
  • Divorce from Peter Riley finalized in 2018

In the years since her divorce, Emily Compagno has not remarried or had any reported boyfriends. She has told reporters she could not date someone who wasn’t supportive of her busy career.

While no longer married, 2022 finds a single Emily enjoying great career success as a rising personality on Fox News.

With youth still on her side at 41 years old, fans wonder what the future holds for Emily’s love life. For now she appears content putting her personal energy into professional goals.

But having conquered obstacles like weight gain and an incompatible marriage – don’t underestimate Compagno’s resilience in the relationship realm either.

Emily Compagno Net Worth

What is Emily Compagno’s net worth? While concrete figures are unknown, estimates place her net worth at roughly $1 million.

This comes largely from her career at Fox News. Top cable news anchors and legal analysts can earn high salaries from their network roles.

Additionally her past career as an attorney likely earned her respectable pay as well. An associate civil litigation lawyer makes an average of $121,000 annually. Partners at top firms bring in over $200,000.

Combined with TV income, book deals, etc – Emily’s assets suggest a personal net worth nearing seven figures.

As her visibility and audience continue expanding, so do opportunities for supplemental income. Besides a base salary, on-air personalities earn money through:

  • Paid appearances/speaking gigs
  • Consulting positions
  • Book publishing deals
  • Social media endorsements/sponsorships

So while already financially comfortable – Emily Compagno’s net worth should steadily rise assuming her popularity endures. Of course, major factors are like maintaining a featured role on a top-rated show like “The Five” and building her personal brand.

Thankfully Fox News often signs their top anchors to long-term, multi-year contracts – assuring continued salary stability.

How much does Fox News pay Emily Compagno?

Fox News salaries are confidential and not publicly disclosed. However based on typical national cable news networks:

  • Top Anchors can earn $3-$12 million a year (i.e Bret Baier, Martha MacCallum)
  • Analysts/Experts earn around $500k – $2 million annually (i.e Jonathan Turley, Jeffrey Toobin)

Based on her featured multiple appearances and substitute anchor role, estimates for Emily Compagno’s salary lands between $500k – $750k per year.

If she continues increased hosting duties, Compagno’s compensation will likely reach into seven figures before long.

But money has not seemed the top priority thus far. In past interviews, Emily emphasizes loving the chance to discuss important issues while informing viewers across the country. Connecting with everyday Americans – not fame or fortune – truly motivates her.

Assuming her down-to-earth, relatable approach endures…Compagno appears positioned for an enduring broadcasting career regardless of viewership ratings or salary negotiations.


While Emily Compagno’s legal and political analysis continues gaining popularity on Fox News, her relationship status is now single. After an amicable divorce from husband Peter Riley in 2018, Emily has not remarried.

Representing a new generation of young, bright female voices on cable news – we expect to see Emily’s career and net worth continue rising. We wish her much continued success on Fox, in any future relationships, and all personal endeavors going forward!

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