How To Get A Disabled Veteran License Plate In Louisiana?

A Disabled Veteran License Plate in Louisiana is a specialized vehicle registration plate designed for individuals who have served in the military and incurred a disability during their service. This license plate serves as a visible recognition of the veteran’s sacrifice and provides certain privileges and benefits in acknowledgment of their service-related disability. 

How to Get a Disabled Veteran License Plate in Louisiana? This question may arise for veterans seeking to display their service and disability status on their vehicles. The process involves specific steps and requirements set by the Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs. 

In Louisiana, the Disabled Veteran License Plate offers various benefits and privileges to qualifying veterans. Beyond being a symbolic representation of their service, this special license plate can provide exemptions from certain fees and taxes related to vehicle registration. 

Overview of Veteran License Plates in Louisiana

Louisiana offers a special license plate program for veterans, particularly catering to disabled veterans. Car dollies license plates refer to the identification tags or plates that may be required for car dollies used in towing vehicles. 

The veteran license plate serves as a visible symbol of their military service, fostering a sense of pride and community among the veteran population in the state. Additionally, these license plates often come with specific benefits, including parking privileges and fee reductions, further enhancing the support for veterans in Louisiana.

Who Qualifies for a Disabled Veteran License Plate?

To qualify for a disabled veteran license plate in Louisiana, individuals must meet certain criteria outlined by the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles. Generally, eligibility is reserved for veterans with a service-connected disability, as certified by the Department of Veterans Affairs. 

The severity of the disability often determines the specific benefits and designations associated with the license plate. This specialized plate not only acknowledges the veteran’s sacrifice but also serves as a practical means of providing them with additional privileges and support.

Applying for a Disabled Veteran License Plate

Applying for a disabled veteran license plate in Louisiana is a straightforward process. Veterans must submit an application to the Department of Motor Vehicles, including relevant documentation verifying their disability status. 

The application typically requires details about the veteran’s military service, disability rating, and other pertinent information. Once approved, the veteran can proudly display their specialized license plate, showcasing their service and sacrifice on their vehicle.

What You Need to Get a Disabled Veteran Plate

What You Need to Get a Disabled Veteran Plate

To obtain a disabled veteran license plate in Louisiana, applicants need to provide specific documentation, including their DD-214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty), official proof of their service-connected disability rating from the Department of Veterans Affairs, and a completed application form. 

These documents serve as the basis for verifying eligibility and ensuring that the benefits associated with the license plate are appropriately extended to those who have served and sacrificed for their country.

Personalizing Your Disabled Veteran Plate in Louisiana

Louisiana allows veterans to personalize their disabled veteran license plates, adding a unique touch to their vehicles. Personalization options typically include selecting a specific combination of letters and numbers, allowing veterans to customize their plates within the guidelines set by the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

This feature adds a personal touch to the veteran license plate, making it an even more meaningful representation of the individual’s military service.

The Advantages of a Disabled Veteran License Plate

Beyond serving as a symbol of honor and recognition, a disabled veteran license plate in Louisiana comes with various advantages. These may include parking privileges, fee reductions, and other benefits that make daily life more manageable for veterans with service-connected disabilities. The specialized license plate not only acknowledges the veteran’s sacrifice but also provides practical benefits that contribute to an improved quality of life.

Renewing Your Disabled Veteran License Plate

To ensure the continued availability of benefits and recognition, disabled veterans in Louisiana must renew their license plates within the specified timeframe. The renewal process typically involves submitting updated documentation to confirm the veteran’s continued eligibility. 

By adhering to the renewal requirements, veterans can seamlessly maintain their special license plates and the associated benefits, allowing them to proudly display their service and dedication on the roads of Louisiana.


What does DV mean on a Louisiana license plate?

DV on a Louisiana license plate typically indicates Disabled Veteran status. It is a special designation provided to veterans with qualifying disabilities, offering certain benefits like parking privileges.

How do I add veterans to my Louisiana driver’s license?

To add veteran status to your Louisiana driver’s license, you generally need to present proof of your veteran status, such as a DD214 form, at a Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) location.

How do I get a license plate in Louisiana?

To get a license plate in Louisiana, visit the local Office of Motor Vehicles. Bring necessary documents such as proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and identification.

What does MH on a Louisiana license plate mean?

MH on a Louisiana license plate typically signifies a Mobile Home plate. This designation is used for vehicles that are mobile homes or trailers.


Obtaining a Disabled Veteran license plate in Louisiana involves a straightforward yet essential process. Eligible veterans need to present the required documentation, such as proof of disability, at a local Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) branch. This designation not only provides recognition to veterans but also offers certain benefits like parking privileges.

As veterans navigate the steps to acquire a Disabled Veteran license plate, the support and resources provided by the Louisiana OMV play a pivotal role. By maintaining awareness of the necessary documentation and engaging with the dedicated services, veterans can seamlessly obtain their special license plates, symbolizing both their service to the nation and the state’s gratitude for their sacrifices.

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