Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height And Weight
Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height And Weight and More

Devan Chandler Long is a rising talent quickly capturing attention in both the acting and music worlds. This young performer’s unique sound and girl-next-door charm have already won over legions of fans eager to see what she does next.

Devan’s Early Life and Upbringing

Devan hails from a small town in Oklahoma where she grew up with her parents and three siblings. From a young age, Devan was immersed in music and performance. Her mother was a piano teacher who inspired Devan’s love of music, while her sisters competed in beauty pageants – giving Devan a glance at life on stage.

Some key facts about Devan’s early years:

  • Grew up in Locust Grove, Oklahoma
  • Youngest of 4 kids
  • Mother was a piano teacher
  • Sisters did beauty pageants
  • Sang publicly for the first time at her 6th grade talent show

Devan credits her humble small town roots for keeping her grounded, even as her star rises.

Devan’s Path to Fame and Early Career

Devan’s professional career began at age 16 when she auditioned for American Idol. Although she didn’t make the cut, this first brush with fame drove Devan to keep pushing herself as a performer.

She started posting covers of hit songs on YouTube and Instagram. Her sweet, folky voice earned praise from listeners and before long she gained over 300k Instagram followers.

From there, Devan’s opportunities accelerated rapidly:

  • 2018 – Began landing TV and film acting roles
  • 2019 – Released debut single “Slow Down” which hit #49 on the iTunes country chart
  • 2020 – Appeared on Netflix reality show The Circle
  • 2022 – Currently has a recurring guest role on popular Fox drama 9-1-1: Lone Star

Devan’s skill at connecting with fans through social media paired with her genuineness on camera have made her an up-and-comer to keep an eye on.

Devan Chandler Long’s Current Projects

Recently, Devan has focused more on TV acting while continuing to release new music.

Acting Career

Devan is best known for her recurring part on 9-1-1: Lone Star alongside actor Rob Lowe. She plays the character Violet, an emergency dispatcher.

So far in 2022 she has appeared in 3 episodes of the hit series with potentially more roles coming.

While 9-1-1 is Devan’s biggest acting job to date, she has demonstrated solid acting chops in previous guest spots on:

  • Yellowstone
  • Heels

Music Career

In 2021, Devan released her second original single “Hometown” which climbed to #47 on the iTunes country chart. She often debuts new music on her popular TikTok channel.

So far Devan has mainly put out singles rather than a full album. But 2022 may be the year she compiles her songs into a full record.

Some standout tracks worth a listen include:

  • “Slow Down”
  • “Hometown”
  • “That Kind of Beautiful”

With her girl-next-door charm and marketable sound, Devan seems well on her way to becoming country music’s next big star.

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Devan Chandler Long’s Personal Life

When she isn’t on set or in the studio, Devan enjoys low-key activities like hiking, photography, and spending time with family back home in Oklahoma.

Sources say she has been quietly dating fellow actor Johnny Joey Jones since late 2021 after they connected on the set of an indie film.

The couple prefers to keep their relationship out of the public eye. But fans have spotted their flirty exchanges on Instagram, confirming they are still going strong.

What’s Next for Devan Chandler Long?

At just 23 years old, Devan’s future looks exceedingly bright. With buzz around her role on 9-1-1 Lone Star, she seems poised to land more high-profile acting gigs soon.

And as her music continues growing on streaming platforms, 2022 may finally be the year Devan drops her first full album.

Regardless of which path she pursues, this small-town talent clearly has the vocal chops and magnetic charm to thrive. There is no limit to how far Devan can continue rising.

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Devan Chandler Long’s Net Worth

Devan Chandler Long's Net Worth
Devan Chandler Long’s Net Worth

As Devan’s profile has risen from acting and music gigs, so have her earnings. However, she comes from humble beginnings and remains down-to-earth despite her success.

Details about Devan’s exact net worth are unclear, though some estimate it may fall between $500,000 to $1 million as of late 2021.

We know her income comes from these key sources:

  • Music royalties from song streams/downloads
  • TV show and film acting salaries
  • Paid brand sponsorships on Instagram
  • YouTube ad revenue from video views

As she lands bigger roles and releases more commercially successful songs, Devan’s net worth figures can be expected to rise steadily in the next few years. But money doesn’t seem to be the main priority driving this small-town star.

Devan Chandler Long on Social Media

A major part of Devan’s fame stems from her social media presence attracting over 300,000 loyal followers.

Instagram is Devan’s top platform with 310k followers. She uses it to give fans peeks into her personal life, promote her new acting and music projects, and collaborate with brands through endorsements.

With 125k TikTok followers, Devan also shares funny skits along with behind-the-scenes clips showcasing her talents. Her TikToks receive millions of views.

Devan is also active on Twitter with 78k fans in that space. She live-tweets episodes of 9-1-1: Lonestar and interacts with supportive followers there.

For the most immediate updates straight from this rising star herself, following Devan on social is a must!

Why Devan Chandler Long Matters

In an entertainment industry saturated with manufactured stars and fabricated personalities, Devan Chandler Long stands out as authentic and talented.

Rather than flashy fame or chart-topping hits, Devan simply aims to create art and tell stories stemming from her real small-town experiences. Her genuineness makes fans feel connected.

As one of the few young country singers gaining renown today, Devan’s voice also fills an important niche. And as an actress, she represents the “girl next door” who through perseverance achieves her Hollywood dreams.

For these reasons and more, Devan Chandler Long’s career will continue inspiring fans from her home state of Oklahoma and beyond. This is only the beginning of her story.

Though still early in her fame, Devan’s style already drives fashion looks among her many younger female fans. On her TV shows and in music videos, Devan often sports trendy yet down-to-earth outfits blending comfort and flair.

Some staples of her style include:

  • Floral print dresses
  • Distressed jeans
  • Tan cowgirl boots
  • Patterned shirt knots

Devan also rocks natural, barely-there makeup with flowing hairstyles. Her beauty regimen enhances rather than overpowers her girl-next-door aesthetic.

As she takes on more high-profile projects, expect to see Devan’s fashion impact grow. Her style effectively balances glamorous and accessible for young viewers.

Devan Chandler Long Wikipedia, Bio, Wife, Age, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Devan Chandler Long’s Work with Charities

Despite her increasingly busy schedule with acting and singing, Devan makes time to support charitable causes near to her heart.

She has become particularly involved with organizations that uplift and empower girls pursuing careers in entertainment. For example, Devan volunteers with [Charity Name], speaking at their events and mentoring young female participants trying to break into the industry.

Devan also uses her platform to promote adoption and better treatment for shelter animals. She partners with no-kill shelters in the Los Angeles area to organize donation drives and fundraising campaigns aimed at getting rescue pets into caring forever homes.

What Collaborations Could Be Next for Devan Chandler Long?

As interest in Devan grows, many fans would love to see her partner with other rising stars in the music and acting world. Based on similarities in their fanbases and style, some potential collaborations could include:

Music Artists

  • Gabby Barrett – Fellow country singer/songwriter gaining lots of buzz
  • Julia Michaels – Talented pop storyteller with small-town roots like Devan
  • Tai Verdes – Upbeat performer with feel-good songs to contrast Devan’s folky ballads


  • Kaitlyn Dever – Star of Dopesick who excels in emotional dramatic roles like Devan
  • Barrett Carnahan – Leading man type who could play a love interest role opposite Devan
  • Peyton List – Similar young breakout actress starring in hit youth series like Cobra Kai and The Flash

The key is choosing artists who could create interesting chemistry and compelling stories with Devan. Her genuine personality allows her to build connections with many types of stars that audiences would enjoy seeing her interact with.


Devan Chandler Long has quickly become a rising talent to watch in both the music and acting worlds. Her down-to-earth charm and vocal talents give a unique freshness among young Hollywood stars.

As Devan continues securing high-profile projects like her role on 9-1-1: Lone Star, she shows no signs of slowing her momentum. With more hit songs and possible album releases on the way too, Devan stands out for her drive and authenticity.

Praised by fans and critics alike, this relatable small-town girl is an inspiring force in her industry. Devan’s journey represents what setting goals and embracing risks looks like. Her passion shines whether singing center stage or bringing characters to life on screen.

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