Andrew Santino Wife, Age, Height, Net Worth, Bio & More 2024

Andrew Santino represents the ideal modern entertainer – excelling simultaneously across stand-up comedy, television, film, and podcasting. This multi-talented comedian has amassed millions of passionate fans through razor-sharp wit and edgy humor. 

Let’s explore Santino’s captivating career evolution – from early Chicago open mics to becoming a bonafide Hollywood star. How did this determined Midwest guy become a major player across several entertainment worlds? Read on for a comprehensive breakdown of Santino’s inspiring rise.

Who is Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcast host who has been active in entertainment since the early 2000s. He is most recognized for his television roles on shows like Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, and Dave.

Some of Andrew Santino’s most notable achievements include:

  • Regular role as bartender Tom on ABC sitcom Mixology in 2014
  • Appeared in films like The Disaster Artist (2017) and Happiest Season (2020)
  • Host of the popular podcast Whiskey Ginger since 2017
  • Well-reviewed stand-up comedy specials including Home Field Advantage (2018)

Over his career spanning over 15 years, Santino has honed a conversational yet edgy comedic style. He has succeeded across comedy, acting, and hosting while accumulating an impressive filmography.

Andrew Santino’s Early Life and Background

Andrew Santino was born Andrew James Santino on April 29, 1982 in Chicago Ridge, Illinois, USA. Details about his parents and childhood are limited, but it is known that:

  • He was raised in the suburbs around Chicago during his youth
  • Developed a passion for comedy and performing from an early age
  • Used humor and jokes as a way to make friends and socialize growing up

Early experiences of watching famous stand-up specials and sketch comedy shows fueled his interest. After high school, Santino dove straight into the local comedy scene right away rather than attending university or college.

Getting Into Stand-Up Comedy and Acting

Andrew Santino started trying his hand at stand-up comedy in Chicago when he was 21 years old in 2003. Local open mic performances allowed him to hone his comedic voice while networking with like-minded creatives.

He steadily developed a style marked by conversational delivery with self-deprecating yet aggressive punchlines. As he gained experience on stage in his mid-20s, Santino also played bit parts on Chicago-based productions like Skills Like This to get acting exposure too.

Key Moments in Andrew Santino’s Early Comedy Career:

  • Performed first amateur stand-up routine at 21 years old in Chicago
  • Appeared in local commercials and indie short films in Illinois
  • Worked constantly on strengthening his unique stage persona
  • Opened for more established stand-up acts, increasing notoriety
  • Moved to Los Angeles in 2008 to further his entertainment career

The calculated risk to move out west paid off quickly, with Andrew landing numerous TV appearances and supporting film roles during his first few years in LA.

Santino’s Journey Career

After moving to LA in 2008, Santino hit the ground running – becoming a regular at prominent comedy clubs like The Comedy Store, Laugh Factory, and Improv.

Networking led to career-advancing opportunities:


  • Made late night debut performing on Conan in October 2009
  • Appeared on comedy TV shows like Live at Gotham, Frank TV, and Mash Up
  • Played smaller acting roles in Curb Your Enthusiasm and Children’s Hospital
  • Wrote/acted in viral hit webseries Under the Gunn (2011)


  • Recurring role as ambitious intern Bill on Adult Swim’s Newsreaders (2013)
  • First major film part in The Heartbreak Kid (2007) starring Ben Stiller
  • Played Oliver, assistant to Jenna Maroney on NBC’s hit series 30 Rock in 2012
  • Half-hour stand-up special Comedy Central Presents (2014)

From the early days performing in Chicago to now regularly selling out theaters and clubs over 15 years later – Santino’s worked hard perfecting his skills as a stand-up comedian.

Andrew Santino’s Big Break on TV Show “Mixology”

A significant turning point in Santino’s career arrived in 2013 when he was cast as a series regular on ABC’s mid-season sitcom Mixology.

Over one television season spanning 2014, Andrew played the role of Tom – the sarcastic yet narcissistic bartender working at a trendy Manhattan bar.

While Mixology was unfortunately canceled after just one year, it represented Andrew’s most prominent onscreen showcase yet. He got to fully exhibit his talents as a comedic actor on network primetime.

Even though the show didn’t last, Santino continued building momentum by picking up more TV appearances and film roles in the wake of Mixology:

  • Guest starred on The Office, Adam DeVine’s House Party, Break Point
  • Appeared in features like the Mintberry Crunch ep of South Park
  • Played Pablo in TBS series Search Party (recurring in later seasons too)

These experiences introduced Santino to new audiences and industry decision-makers – increasing demand for his talents.

More TV and Film Roles Over the Years

On the strength of his Mixology exposure and subsequent appearances, Santino received more opportunities as both an actor and stand-up:

2015 Onward:

  • Supporting part in sitcom Teachers on TVLand with rotating comics (2016)
  • Performed first Late Night with Seth Meyers stand-up set (2015)
  • Booked first late night panel spot on @Midnight with Chris Hardwick (2015)
  • Played DT Todd, MMA manager on Cinemax series Banshee (2016)
  • Appeared in episodes of HBO’s Silicon Valley and ABC’s The Goldbergs
  • Landed role of stand-up comic Joe in Judd Apatow’s HBO series Crashing (2017)

Movie Roles:

  • Acted in indie features like Shangri-La Suite (2016) and Trash Fire (2016)
  • Played actor Carl Moe in The Disaster Artist (2017)
  • Parts in studio comedies like Game Over, Man! (Netflix) and Summer ’03

With well over 50 credits to his name spanning television, film, shorts, and documentaries – Santino carved out consistent work since moving to Hollywood.

Multi-Faceted Talents: Comedy, Acting, and Podcasting

While building his acting resume, Santino simultaneously:

  • Toured as a stand-up comic nationwide from 2013 onward
  • Created, wrote, produced, and starred in his own sitcom pilot for FX
  • Developed a podcast and YouTube channel to speak directly to loyal fans

Rather than being typecast strictly as a comedic actor, Santino branched out – fully utilizing his talents across multiple platforms:

Stand-Up Comedy

  • Headlined tours like the popular Standard White Male tour across the country
  • Released first one-hour special Home Field Advantage on Showtime (2018)
  • Made seven appearances over the years on stand-up TV programs like CONAN

Podcast Host

  • Launched interview show Whiskey Ginger in 2017
  • Garnered millions of downloads and 200+ episodes to date
  • Hosts both comedians like Bill Burr and Rick Glassman as well as actors like Pedro Pascal

This ability to both create his own opportunities and capitalize when hired demonstrates Santino’s well-rounded skill set and determined ambition.

Santino as a Podcast Host and Comedian

As previously highlighted, Andrew Santino hosts the popular Whiskey Ginger podcast on the Ramble Podcast Network. He conceived and launched the show himself in October 2017.

Whiskey Ginger Podcast Stats and Facts

  • Over 8 million total downloads across 200+ episodes
  • Typically releases 2-3 new episodes weekly
  • Guests have included comedians (Bill Burr, Nikki Glaser); actors (Pedro Pascal); personalities (Theo Von, Bobby Lee)

The casual conversational format of the podcast allows Santino’s personality to shine through. Listeners feel like they’re hanging out with Andrew and his guests just chatting – rather than a traditional Q&A interview.

Stand-Up Comedy

When not recording Whiskey Ginger episodes, Santino stays busy touring as a stand-up. He’s performed all over the United States including:

  • Multi-city tours like his Standard White Male show
  • Appearances at festivals like Bonnaroo, Clusterfest, Moontower and more
  • Tickets regularly sell out clubs/theaters like the Wilbur in Boston

Rather than relying only on acting, Santino expanded his output and reach via podcasting and dedicated time to stand-up fans.

Who is Andrew Santino Wife?

Andrew Santino married his longtime girlfriend Christina in a private ceremony in 2015. Not much is publicly known about Christina, as Santino prefers to keep his personal life out of the spotlight.

In interviews over the years, Santino has mentioned:

  • Meeting his future wife Christina when he first moved to LA
  • Dating for several years before getting married
  • Does not have any children as of 2024

While not sharing many intimate details, Santino does at times reference funny personal anecdotes involving his wife on his podcast and in stand-up bits.

Santino’s Age – How Old is the Comedian?

Having been born on April 29, 1982, Andrew Santino is currently 41 years old as of 2023.

He has achieved impressive success across entertainment verticals before hitting middle age:

✓ Stand-up touring comic selling out 500+ seat venues

✓ Network TV roles and film parts on his acting resume

✓ 200+ episode podcast downloaded millions of times

✓ Developing sitcoms and pioneering viral video content

With so many accomplishments already at a relatively young age – Santino seemingly has a long career still ahead as he enters his 40s.

Andrew Santino’s Height and Physical Appearance

In terms of his physical appearance, Andrew Santino stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m). His weight fluctuates but is around 165 lb (75kg).

He has an average medium build overall, frequently exercising to stay in shape. Andrew has:

  • Short dark brown hair
  • Blue eyes
  • Light skin tone

Having appeared shirtless on camera before, Santino clearly invests time at the gym – evidenced by his toned figure.

Signature elements of Santino’s look include his carefully maintained haircut and ever present beard lining his face. Dark dramatic eyebrows also accent his facial expressions.

Andrew Santino’s Measurements

Though a fit physique, Santino’s body measurements remain within reasonable proportions:

Andrew Santino Vital Stats:

  • Chest – 42 inches
  • Arms / Biceps – 14 inches
  • Waist – 33 inches
  • Shoe Size – 10 (US)

Matching his average height, Santino requires a size medium for most clothing tops and dress shirts.

His regular exercise regimen keeps Santino looking youthful and healthy – an ideal physique for onscreen roles.

Santino’s Diverse Sources of Income

Andrew Santino earns income from various entertainment industry sources, including:


  • Stand-up comedy tours, appearances, ticket sales
  • Specials produced for Netflix, HBO, Showtime, etc
  • Brand partnerships and ambassador roles


  • TV show guest star and series regular roles
  • Film parts in studio comedies and indie movies
  • Commercials, webisodes, hosting, spokesperson gigs

Podcasting / Digital

  • Advertising revenue from Whiskey Ginger downloads
  • YouTube monetization from clip views and subscribers
  • Affiliate marketing, merchandise sales

This diversified portfolio allows Santino to generate revenue from complementary pathways. If acting prospects slow down, he can tour more as a comedian – leveraging multiple skills to keep earning.
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Andrew Santino’s Net Worth

Andrew Santino’s Net Worth

Based on his entire body of work across stand-up, acting and hosting – Andrew Santino’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million as of early 2023.

Notable benchmarks:

  • Earned over $100k from stand-up touring as early as 2014
  • Likely earned $35-50k per episode starring on ABC’s Mixology
  • Whiskey Ginger brings in $3000+ per episode in advertising
  • Commands $30k+ for one hour-long stand-up specials

Assuming he works consistently and continues growing his fanbase – Santino’s net worth figures to keep increasing in future years as he approaches age 50.

Social Media Accounts

Actively connecting with fans helps drive Santino’s brand and income. As of early 2023, he boasts impressive followings across major social media platforms:


1.4 million subscribers / 250+ million views







Santino engages directly with followers daily – previewing stand-up content, bantering about pop culture, reacting to news events, etc. This high engagement is attractive to sponsors, event promoters and networks deciding who to work with.

Other Quick Facts About Andrew Santino

Beyond his career stats and physical attributes, Santino himself shares other random facts and stories about his life over years of interviews and recordings:

  • Both sides of his family descend from Italy, instilling a feisty temperament
  • Massive sports fan, especially of Chicago teams like the Bulls and Bears
  • Briefly worked as local Chicago sports radio call-in show producer in early 20s
  • Avid gamer who streams video games like Call of Duty and NBA 2K frequently
  • Favorite activities outside work involve golfing, tennis, hiking, and sailing
  • Enjoys whiskey tasting, fine dining, live music, obscure films

As evidenced above, Santino’s hustler spirit extends beyond professional ambitions into recreational hobbies as well. He packs a lot of diverse adventures into the average week when not touring or acting.

Top 10 TV shows and Movies of Andrew Santino’s

Analyzing Andrew Santino’s wide-ranging filmography, these 10 projects stand out as his most popular and best received:

  1. Mixology (TV Series)
  2. Dave (TV Series)
  3. I’m Dying Up Here (Showtime)
  4. The Disaster Artist
  5. Home Field Advantage (Showtime special)
  6. Space Force (Netflix)
  7. Search Party (TBS)
  8. The Office (Guest Appearance)
  9. Billions (Showtime)
  10. Conan Without Borders (TBS)

Spanning both television and movies, these impressive credits confirm Santino’s versatility – excelling in both scripted serials and episodic comedies across every medium.

Memorable moments include his improvised lines as Sam “Cream” Wheatley cracking up Bill Hader in Barry or getting punched by Nic Cage’s character in The Disaster Artist.

Santino’s Influences and Comedy Style Overview

Every successful comedian builds on the foundation laid by prior iconic acts that pave the way. For Santino, famous influences include:

  • Richard Pryor – Raw emotional delivery
  • George Carlin – Counter-culture observations
  • Patrice O’Neal – Controversial material
  • Bill Burr – Ranting comedic voice
  • Norm Macdonald – Deadpan ironic humor

Blend those legends together and you get Santino’s distinct flavor. He ruminates out loud sounding like he’s just conversing – before hitting you with edgy one-liners.

Common themes covered include:

  • Absurd hypocrisies in modern woke culture
  • Mocking his own embarrassing insecurities
  • Pointing out the ridiculousness of human dynamics

This eye for social commentary through humorous exaggerations connects with audiences. They feel Santino is an honest voice discussing taboo topics…but in a witty entertaining fashion.

Memorable Andrew Santino Jokes and Bits

Delving into Santino’s stand-up catalogue and podcast freestyles – these quotes exemplify his sharp comedy writing:

“My daughter came out as pansexual…so now I gotta buy new pots and pans.”

“Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Beer before liquor, you’re still gonna get sicker because alcohol poisoning doesn’t care.”

“I recently watched a documentary that claimed vegans live longer than meat eaters by 6 years on average. But I’d rather live 50 years eating cheeseburgers than 80 years eating carrots.”

“Apple should come out with a extra mini iPhone for your pinky finger so you can still text under the table at dinner dates.”

These tight one-liners receive raucous reactions proving Santino’s jokes land perfectly with crowds.

What Andrew Santino Has Planned Next

Never resting on his laurels, Santino always has multiple irons in the fire at once. Coming up:

  • Spring 2023:  New stand-up tour dates around his Whiskey Ginger podcast schedule
  • 2023-2024: Potential 2nd stand-up special with Netflix or other premium streaming platform
  • 2024: Plans to explore passion documentary film projects capturing stand-up culture
  • Beyond: Possibly pitching new television series concepts and scripts soon

With his multi-hyphenate creative output combined with tremendous work ethic – the ceiling remains extremely high for Santino’s future success.

Summing Up Andrew Santino’s Career So Far

Looking back, Andrew Santino has built an enviable comedy career across every entertainment avenue since leaving Chicago 15+ years ago:

  • Respected touring stand-up comic selling 500+ seat theaters
  • Multiple stand-up recordings and premium specials
  • Regular TV roles on shows like Mixology, Dave, I’m Dying Up Here
  • Film parts ranging from indie movies to major studio releases
  • Launched and hosts 200+ episode Whiskey Ginger podcast
  • Cultivated his own authentic comedic voice and persona
  • Collaborated with legends like Bill Burr and Nic Cage
  • Built an engaged social media following in the millions

Yet at only 41 years old currently, Santino seemingly has plenty left to accomplish in the years ahead.

Potential Next Milestones:

  • Star in his own Netflix stand-up documentary
  • Create and star in a new streaming series
  • Many more acting roles and stand-up appearances
  • Expand Whiskey Ginger podcast network
  • Increase touring into larger theaters

Given his steady career trajectory over the past 15+ years – the odds remain high that Santino continues ascending into greater fame and success going forward. His relentless drive and determination fuels his nonstop creativity across the entertainment worlds of comedy, acting, and digital media.


Andrew Santino has firmly established himself as a versatile talent in Hollywood – succeeding as a stand-up comedian, actor, podcaster and more. Displaying dedication through 15+ years of creative output, Santino carved his own unique niche. Between his conversational yet controversial comedy, memorable film and TV roles, and ever popular Whiskey Ginger podcast – Santino built a loyal fanbase in the millions. 

Still not even 45 yet, Andrew Santino remains poised for even greater fame and accomplishments in the late 2020s and beyond. This multi-hyphenate’s relentless drive ensures his intriguing career bears even more fruitful years ahead as he solidifies his star status in entertainment.

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